It’s estimated that the take-off process takes subcontractors around one week per job. That’s just too long. By using our smart take-off automation software – powered by AI – you can complete takeoff in just hours, giving you time back, and helping you win more work.

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Drastically improve productivity

Takeoff construction projects in minutes, not weeks, using a cloud-based collaboration tool.
Analyse any drawing, no matter the file type, with 98% accuracy.
Compare drawing sets and quantify changes with a simple click.
Best of all, use ChatGPT to talk to your construction plans and make decisions faster.

Create your project and upload your plans

Upload documents, organise files, and use Togal’s auto-naming tool to quickly and efficiently re-name your documents in seconds.

Execute your takeoff, expedited by AI

Togal is a complete takeoff software solution with AI-powered tools that help you quickly detect, measure, count, compare, and label project spaces and features.

Collaborate and share in real time

Cloud-based collaboration allows multiple team members to work on the same takeoff, at the same time, so nothing ever falls through the cracks.

See what other customers are saying

"This will drastically improve our efficiency."

“GT spends a tremendous amount of time and resources performing detailed take offs, and welcomes any new technology to speed up the process and improve the accuracy. Having used Togal.AI we believe this will drastically improve our efficiency.”

Shaun Blackburn

Gardiner & Theobald

"With Togal.AI, we get 90% of our take off done in a matter of minutes and not hours."

“Togal has allowed our project managers and estimators to focus more on the details filling in the areas not shown on the plans and less on the brainless, mundane tasks of clicking each in and out corner of every room or hallway on the drawings. It is easy to use, innovative, and affordable. With Togal, we get 90% of our take off done in a matter of minutes and not hours.”

Brad Brady

Total Flooring Contractors

"Togal.AI has automated the takeoff process and made our days much more efficient."

“My team has been utilizing the collaboration feature at Togal.AI and it has contributed greatly to our time savings. I am very impressed with the ease of use and innovative cloud-based features. Togal has automated the takeoff process for us and made our days much more efficient.”

Mike Hurley

Clark Construction