A look at tendering in 2020

18 January 2021

As Australia’s leading tender platform, we thought we’d start 2021 by looking back at how the Australian construction industry tendered in 2020.

It’s fair to say that 2020 didn’t pan out as expected. At the start of the year, no one could predict the changes we would eventually make to the way we work, the way we socialise and essentially, the way we live. 

Although a global pandemic threw the mother of all spanners in the works – as a whole, Australia and the Australian construction industry managed to steer a steady ship throughout the year. 

While it’s always great to see a lift in tender numbers, a survey we commissioned mid last year told us that the year wasn’t always smooth sailing.

As we can see in the graph above, tendering dipped and continued to stay low around March – June. However, in the back half of the year where tendering made a strong recovery.

In 2020 we saw an increase in projects added to the noticeboard across all categories. Along with this increase in tendering, we also saw an increase in competitiveness. Compared to 2019, tender panels tended to have more builders.

Anecdotally, we were hearing that market uncertainty was leading to increased competition. Builders were seen to have tendered on jobs that they wouldn’t have usually tendered on in order to sure up a pipeline of work.

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