How Milestone Contracting removed the manual pain of tendering

15 May 2024

Thousands of documents to be sent to thousands of subbies, and thousands of responses to monitor. It’s a common reality and it’s no wonder Milestone Contracting were concerned they were losing hours per week to the manual re-work of tendering!

Digital solutions are becoming more and more prominent in transforming how companies handle tender management. We chatted with Serge Treschov, Head Estimator at Milestone Contracting, about their experience with E1 and how they use the platform to help manage a high volume of enquiries, effectively tracking them, and analysing subcontractor performance. 

“E1’s digital tendering platform has enhanced our ability to send enquiries efficiently. Additionally, the recent feature that allows posting jobs on a job board has enabled us to engage with new contractors, further boosting our competitiveness in the market.”

Serge spoke about issues that often hampered their efficiency and slowed response times. “The introduction of E1 brought a suite of features that directly addressed our needs. The platform’s user-friendly interface, enhanced control over the subcontractor chain, and comprehensive document matrix have facilitated better management and oversight. 

Implementing E1 has saved us approximately one hour per user each day, translating into substantial time and cost savings,” Serge said.

E1 has been particularly useful for Milestone Contracting when under tight deadlines, as it allows for the speedy distribution of numerous enquiries. “Since adopting the platform, there has been a noticeable improvement in communication and collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the tendering process. This enhancement has made the process smoother and more cohesive.”

The transition to E1’s digital platform was seamless for the Milestone Contracting team who “quickly adapted without significant hurdles, thanks to its intuitive design,” Serge said. “Additionally, E1’s customer support has been fantastic, typically responding within 24 hours.” This promptness has been critical for Milestone Contracting in quickly addressing any issues, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.

Serge concluded that he would recommend E1 to other organisations who are in need of a robust digital tendering solution. Not only does the platform enhance efficiency, but it also improves competitiveness by enabling better engagement with new contractors through features like the notice board. 

“E1’s digital tendering platform has not just met but exceeded our expectations, driving substantial improvements in our tender management processes and positioning us more favourably in the competitive market.”

And with one quick change to their processes, Milestone Contracting has saved hours on tendering.