New product feature: Speci-Finder

14 July 2021

Is being specified important to you? Are you chasing specs on EstimateOne? 

We’ve created a special tool for suppliers called Specifinder, which lets you save the key words you search for frequently, so you receive new leads straight to your inbox. 

Too good to be true? It’s really not. 

Our Specifinder report mimics how you can search for specifications on the noticeboard – by searching through the documentation in newly listed projects, and sending these key projects to your inbox. This means you can start tracking these projects as they are listed.

You can choose what types of projects you want to see – similar to how you filter projects on the noticeboard. Only interested in Aged Care projects over $5 million within Victoria? We can do that. 

The Workflow

Depending on the time you can allocate to EstimateOne, you can set up your Specifinder report to send you leads every day, or every week. A typical workflow would look like this:

Receive the leads in your inbox, and click in. 

Once you open the email, you’ll see a list of projects sorted by your keywords. Specifinder will cover the last 7 days or 24 hours, depending on the frequency you’ve set the report. You’ll see a list of projects sorted by keywords, and you’ll also know which builders have your keyword in their documents. 

Just click on the project you’re interested in, and you’ll be taken into the project’s slider in your EstimateOne account. From here, you might see an option to View or Download the documents. If you select View, you’ll be taken to our document viewer where you can view and search for your keywords – which will get you to the pages you’re after in a matter of seconds. Here’s a great video on how our document viewer works, coming in from the noticeboard. 

Searching on EstimateOne

From there, you can mark projects to your Watchlist so you get notified as the project progresses. This is especially handy if you have a paid subscription because you’ll get notified as soon as these projects become Awarded, so you can reach out to the winning builder straight away. 

Specifinder on the Noticeboard

We’ve just upped the ante on Specifinder, so you know when your keywords are mentioned in projects on the noticeboard. 

When you see the Specifinder tick, that means that your keywords are in the documentation for the project. Better yet, roll over the tick to see which keywords you expect to find! It’s as easy as that. 

We’ve created Specifinder, because we understand that your time is valuable and want your sales teams to get to work on leads as soon as they appear on EstimateOne.

Every supplier account gets the opportunity to track key terms – if you’re on the free account, you get three per user. On any of our state or national license options – you get ten.

If faster lead generation is something that will benefit your team – book a demo with our “National Sales Consultant: Supplier – Omar Alrachid” today. Call 0480-036-891.