Introducing Subbie Connect

18 October 2023

Calling all commercial construction suppliers!

Are you in search of untapped opportunities and new leads? Well, your search ends here! Subbie Connect is an exclusive EstimateOne tool enabling you to identify, connect, and promote your business to subcontractors who are actively tendering on pre-award commercial construction projects.

Connect with key commercial buyers, uncover new opportunities to showcase your product, and set up a solid, long-term project pipeline with subcontractors all over Australia. It’s your ticket to staying in the loop!

🔥 Watch our video below on connecting with your next subcontractor lead in under 60 seconds.

🔑 Early buyer access: Instantly identify and connect with tendering subcontractors on projects that match your trade. Bypass builders for pre-award subcontractor information and leap ahead of the competition.

💪 Proactive promotion, leads come to you: Let tendering subcontractors know you’re the go-to for specified or equivalent products on projects. Watch as new leads come to you!

🌱 Cultivate growth opportunities: Expand your network, open doors to new projects, and access untapped sales channels like never before. 

📈 Real-time, reliable data: No scraping, no guesswork. Our data is directly sourced from active subcontractors who are ‘interested’ or quoting’ on projects. It’s reliable, it’s instant and there’s nothing else like it.

Pre-award, subcontractor access

– Instantly connect with tendering subcontractors, tailored to your trade, based on their ‘interested’ or ‘quoting’ statuses on projects

– Review subcontractor company profiles to select partners who align with your product needs

– Access essential contact information to initiate connections and foster partnerships

Proactively promote your products

– Show subcontractors that you are a specified supplier, or can offer an equivalent product for open tenders

– Monitor subcontractors who have engaged with your contact details on projects

– Bring in more inbound leads and create a reliable pipeline of work

Jump in early, secure a unique competitive edge, and boost your connections with subcontractors today! 
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