New product feature: Consultant details

15 September 2020

Things move quickly in commercial construction.

While an outsider might claim that a construction site opposite their house is moving at a glacial pace – those who need to be spec’d or spend their days defending their spec know that things move quickly. 

We’ve been lucky enough to talk to a range of characters in the construction industry over the last 10 years. One thing that’s been constant is the need for timely and accurate information.

That’s why we’ve launched our Consultant Details add-on. We give all the information a company who lives and dies by the spec could need. 

So how does it work?

Let’s say I supply CCTV cameras. One thing that would be part of my daily routine would be to type “CCTV” and a few different brand names into the EstimateOne search bar. This will search all the documents on EstimateOne for any mention of this phrase. 

The search isn’t just limited to products and brands. You can also try searching niche trades, materials, or even a competitor’s brand name. 

The list you’ll be shown is a list of all the projects that have architectural documents that contain the keyword you searched for. 

You can drill down into a project and check out the architects, engineers and the tendering builders. 

Each architect, engineer and builder have their own profile with all the jobs they’ve worked on. Currently our Consultant Details Directory has over 6,000 architect and engineer profiles.

Let’s say you were keen to see the potential work you could do with an architect. Head to their profile, type in some key words – be it your brand, product or a competitors brand – and we’ll give you a list of all the projects that the architect is involved in with those keywords. 

The Consultant Details add on is something we’ve worked on with the soul purpose on helping your sales and promotions team thrive. So if this sounds like the kind of info you and your team need – book a demo with us today.

Book a demo and consult with Omar Alcharid on 0480 036 891 to see if this could help your business.