Phishing alert and cyber safety advice

EstimateOne has become aware of a ‘phishing’ email scam that uses a fake EstimateOne link to solicit personal details. Although EstimateOne remains secure, people who click the link and provide their login credentials risk unauthorised access to their own email accounts.

This scam is not the result of any security breach of EstimateOne. The scammers are mimicking EstimateOne emails and the emails of other third party services. This is a common tactic of phishing scammers and can be protected against by confirming the “sent from” address of the email (our emails are always from: 

How to recognise this scam

  • It will not be sent from our legitimate address:  “”
  • Email looks like: Email poses as a request for quotation and has the subject line  “A new proposal call from ____”.
  • Clicking the link takes you to an Office 360 page that requires you to fill in a form including requests for your email address and password 

If you receive one of these emails please delete it without clicking on its links.

We take security seriously at EstimateOne. EstimateOne accounts are secured by passwords, and our invitation links do not require recipients to enter personal details.

To ensure the security of your own email and EstimateOne accounts we recommend strong password practices:

  • Using a different password for each account
  • Not using predictable or easily guessed passwords
  • Regularly updating your passwords (you can do that for EstimateOne in the settings page)

EstimateOne remains and will continue to be safe to use. For those who send and receive invitations, we ask that for your own cyber safety,  don’t click on anything that feels unfamiliar – if you’re unsure, you can always contact our support team who will be happy to help. 

If this has raised any questions or concerns, please contact