Supporting team welfare

10 June 2021

Every fortnight I’ll be highlighting areas from EstimateOne‘s Employee Handbook “The Nuts and Bolts”( This fortnight I wanted to share with you our focus on supporting the welfare of others.

As a Sick-torian (Victorian) based company it feels timely to talk about our expectation of EstimateOne team members, to care for each other!

Our evaluation process is a behavioural assessment against 12 expectations that are deeply linked to our values. 

One of them is “We support the welfare of others”. Having this type of expectation of all team members who join EstimateOne is incredibly important to us. It means that if you see someone struggling you are obligated to help them or if you don’t feel like you are equipped to help them you need to alert the situation to someone who you think can. 

In many organisations, this might not be seen as the responsibility of teammates or leaders, but at EstimateOne we believe that individuals caring for each other plays a huge part in people’s happiness at work. It leads to better relationships with their teammates, higher engagement in the work they do and ultimately, better performance. It’s also just the right thing to do as a human which might be the most important bit.