Team member in focus: Djay Dak

7 June 2022

This week we’re stoked to bring you insights from one of our favourite designers at EstimateOne – Djay!

Describe your Role at EstimateOne.

I am the Senior Product Designer in the Subbie team. As a designer, it is essential for me to keep users at the centre of everything and understand their pain points to design better products. I make sure that every design decision made is enhancing our users’ experience. 

How do you create value for E1’s customers?

I talk to our customers regularly to get their feedback, which leads to progressive design decisions. Eventually, this helps our customers to increase their productivity & get more return on their investment.

How long have you been with us?

8 Months

Where were you previously?

I worked at a child care management software company as a UI/UX designer

What attracted you to E1?

I love to design and build my own space and usually spend most of my time after ours on home renovations. I am curious about the construction industry, which initially motivated me to apply at E1. As the application went forward, I realised there is much more to this organisation. The values of E1 are extraordinary, which motivated me to put my best foot forward, and this opportunity became my priority.

What are 3 things that you love about working at EstimateOne and why?

  1. Feedback culture : I appreciate the way this company motivates everyone to provide honest & genuine feedback. My craft is getting better day by day with this feedback culture.
  2. Work life balance : E1 genuinely wants me to prioritize myself and my family when needed. I am grateful for that.
  3. Talent : The people around me are the most talented in the industry and I keep learning at every step.

Why should a candidate consider joining our team?

Adding to the three reasons I mentioned before, the company believes that the progress of an individual leads to the overall progress of the company. There is a ‘Personal Development Budget’, which you can use to build your skills.

If this doesn’t convince you, then let me tell you that there is a separate fridge full of drinks in the office, especially for Fridays!

In our last team activity, we literally made pasta from scratch at the office with a professional chef!! I am not kidding. Just check out our LinkedIn.