Team member in focus: Siel Bayliss

21 June 2023

This week we dive into the life of one of our CSM’s Siel!

Describe your Role at EstimateOne.

I’m a Customer Success Manager – which pretty much describes itself. My main role is to be a strategic and supportive partner for customers at every stage of the buying process. The main focus of my role is building loyalty to create long-term relationships. I do this through walking customers through our product and by being their main port of call if they have any issues, as well as looking for opportunities where we might be able to serve them better. Another key aspect of my role is to advocate for customers within the business to ensure that any key pain points and issues are being addressed. 

How do you create value for E1’s customers?

I proactively look for opportunities to improve the customer experience, along with collaborating with other internal partners to get enhancements over the line. I approach all my relationships – both internally and externally – with empathy and curiosity as I believe this approach is key when resolving issues, developing long-term relationships, and ensuring users receive maximum value from our product. 

How long have you been with us?

1.5 years, give or take.

Where were you previously?

Events & Recruitment at Defence Force Recruiting. Prior to that, I primarily worked in the Hotel Industry. 

What attracted you to E1?

I wanted to work for a company that prioritised work/life balance and empowered its employees to take ownership of their day to day. I also wanted to be in an environment that would value and foster my previous customer service experience, irrespective of whether I had any previous experience in the construction industry. 

What are 3 things that you love about working at EstimateOne and why?

  • Hybrid work environment – E1 encourages you to work wherever you feel you’re the most productive 
  • A generous professional development budget – I’m currently completing a UX/UI course to help further my career 
  • Great colleagues who are awesome at what they do 

Why should a candidate consider joining our team?

E1 encourages you to invest in yourself and your career – if you’re someone who’s excited to learn and want to grow your career then E1 is the place to do it.