Team member in focus: Sophie Hack

2 May 2022

Hello, my name is Sophie – I am an Associate Product Manager in the Builder audience team. My team is dedicated to supporting Builders (also known as Head Contractors) through digitalising workflows within commercial construction. Specifically, we support Estimating teams efficiently ‘tender’ construction projects and more recently enabling Contracts teams through smarter procurement once the project has been secured. 

My team is made up of engineering, design, and product capability. We set out to understand our customers; their ways of working, and the challenges they face. 

We create value by uncovering opportunities and delivering solutions that will make a real impact in the construction industry. 

How long have you been with us?

5 years in June! 

Soph living her best life at Wilson’s Prom

Where were you previously? & What attracted you to E1?

I previously worked in the Estimating team at Kane Constructions, Brisbane where I plugged away in EstimateOne’s Platform all day, every day. 

Although I loved working in construction, I felt like it was the right time to shift gears into the tech space. . I had heard about EstimateOne’s startup success in Melbourne and was particularly impressed by the story behind the venture. Our founders, Mike & Ritchie, were intimately exposed to the inefficiencies within a historically slow-moving construction industry which inspired them to create products that Estimators didn’t even know they needed. We will often speak with customers who can recall life before EstimateOne; when doc control was ineffective and a real headache for everyone involved. Over a decade later, we have a strong presence in the Australian market and are currently expanding our products on offer and regions that we support (yep, we’re expanding globally!). 

What are 3 things that you love about working at EstimateOne and why?

Growth opportunities; 

There’s plenty opportunity for growth at EstimateOne. I have been lucky enough to build upon my expertise in customer success and expand into the exciting world of product management throughout my time in the company. Professional development is not only supported but encouraged through a generous PD budget and additional leave (Entrepreneurial Leave).I have sought out growth opportunities by taking on courses, attending conferences and filling up my library with stacks of learning resources. Role progression remains in focus through regular review of Growth Frameworks and ongoing support from leaders. 

Surrounded and supported by legends; 

We have so many exceptionally talented people here at EstimateOne and we’re bringing in more by the day. While everyone is super busy, I often find that the teammates are always generous with their time and don’t hesitate to lend their expertise. Through team collaboration and mentorship, I feel that I am constantly learning from people in the business as well as consultants that we bring into the fold. 

We walk the walk; We stand by our company values. I will often hear my teammates play the ‘value’ card in day-to-day interactions; “Cranes before Code” is regularly called upon to ensure that we are building products with the customer in mind. We will often challenge ideas or deliver feedback in the spirit of “Forthright and Frank” to ensure that conversations are constructive and that we are working toward a common goal. These particular values have stood the test of our company’s scale-up which can be attributed to our team living the values. 

A healthy work-life balance actually happens at EstimateOne. 

We all know that work-life balance stems from a company’s culture. 

At EstimateOne, everyone is hard-working and ambitious as well as fun-loving and we value our downtime. Flexible work means that many team members can get their work done on terms that work for them. 

Why should a candidate consider joining our team?

(Maybe more than ever) It’s an exciting time to work at EstimateOne. We are a fast-growing team with a strong mission and impactful, far-reaching goals. 

Late last year, we secured funding through partnering with investor, Potentia. 

Our recent capital raise has enabled us to expand our capability so that we can deliver upon our long-term strategy. 

You should really consider joining the team…for the team. 

I have seen the EstimateOne’s team triple in size over the last few years…while we have seen a lot of change in that time, the warm and welcoming team culture has been an unwavering constant. Others will agree in saying that EstimateOne is a pretty special place to fact, EstimateOne just ranked within the top three of Australian Financial Review’s 2022 Best Places to Work in the Technology sector! 

This award recognises companies that are pioneering new ways of working and pushing the boundaries of when it comes to workplace practices. I believe we are making waves in this space and there’s plenty more to come.