EstimateOne granted great place to work certification

25 May 2023

Press release: May 25 2022

EstimateOne is once again proud to announce its recognition as one of the greatest places to work – this time by gaining ‘Great Place to Work’ certification.

The news comes as EstimateOne continues their good form in 2022 already taking home the prize as almost the best place to work from the AFR and securing $35 million through a capital raise.

“To gain Great Place to Work certification is recognition of the time and effort that each member of our team has invested in creating a great culture at EstimateOne. I couldn’t be more proud that 100% of respondents agree that EstimateOne is a great place to work.” said CEO Chris Dobbyn

“We aim to provide our team members with a career defining experience, and we recognise that each individual comes to EstimateOne with their own unique skills and experience and their own unique career goals and growth expectations.”

There was a survey response rate of over 85% – with all respondents (aka 100%!) saying that EstimateOne is a “great place to work”.

Amongst the answers, EstimateOne scored 100% on whether people are treated fairly regardless of gender and a 96% engagement rate – that being how tuned in and autonomous people feel within their work. 

Scores like this aren’t surprising to those who work for EstimateOne, with employees enjoying 5 days of entrepreneurial leave a year, a $5k development budget and tailored growth frameworks for their career paths. 

“Our ‘one size does not fit all’ approach enables us to tailor programs and deliver meaningful benefits which engage and delight. From our defined growth frameworks and salary tables to support and guide each individual’s growth and development, our $5000 annual professional development budget that allows each person to determine their own development activities or the 5 days of entrepreneur leave which offers paid leave to team members in order for them to bring a passion project or side hustle, even a future business idea to life.” said EstimateOne Chief People and Culture Officer, Marcus Waterreus.

“It is exciting to see EstimateOne emerging as a real challenger to some of the larger local tech employers when it comes to attracting top talent, The Great Place to Work Certification is one more in a growing list of reasons why candidates should consider us as their next career step.”

The timing of the acknowledgement couldn’t have come at a better time as EstimateOne is going through a hiring blitz! 

With 9 roles currently open, and many more on the way, there’s never been a better time to join EstimateOne. 

As part of the hiring blitz, EstimateOne is also offering a $3k referral bonus to anyone (whether you work for EstimateOne or not) who can help us find our next superstar. 

While stoked to be acknowledged as a great place to work, EstimateOne knows it’s the people that drive the culture and are blessed to have a series of incredible individuals who have gotten the business to where it is today.