We build great software for the commercial construction industry

Founded in 2008, EstimateOne was built to improve the efficiency, reliability and effectiveness of common construction processes. A decade later, EstimateOne is used by more than 70,000 organisations on a daily basis.

Our Story

Our story begins in 2008 with our co-founder Michael Ashcroft who was an estimator at Kane Constructions, and then a Contracts Administrator with BECTON. Frustrated by manual processes of sending out construction drawings, following up on quotes, and answering calls from subcontractors about projects they’d lost, Mike believed there surely had to be a better way. Reaching out to an old friend Andrew Ritchie (a bit of a whiz with computers), together they set out to build really intuitive software that would help take the drudge work out of estimating, freeing people to leave work on time and spend more time with their families.

We ultimately developed a very simple product that was a big hit for subcontractors - a tender noticeboard. The tender noticeboard simply listed commercial construction tenders across Australia, and the builders who are bidding on them.

In 2012, we hired our first employee Alicia, and also launched our Tender Documentation Platform, allowing head contractors to issue tender documents to EstimateOne members and their own preferred subcontractors alike. This started exponential growth in the company, with builders and subcontractors flocking to EstimateOne.

Today we have a team of 26 in our Melbourne office, and we all feel proud to have helped over 45,000 organisations win their share of over $300 billion worth of work since we opened shop. We continue to launch more products and help more commercial construction professionals everyday, and we’re excited about what lies ahead.


EstimateOne Timeline



EstimateOne formed

Michael and Andrew put their heads together and start sketching out concepts for a tender workflow system.



Prototype developed

Tender workflow software demonstrated to three key builders. Feedback positive, but common theme: “Subbies won't use this!”



Tender noticeboard launched

Mike and Andrew switch tact. They build a tender noticeboard for subcontractors and suppliers, listing open commercial tenders. It's a hit.



Tender Documentation Platform released

After multiple requests from builders, EstimateOne is expanded to support the delivery of tender documents to subcontractors and suppliers.



35,000 subcontractors using platform

The platform becomes very popular with subcontractors across Australia, who value it for its ease of use, as well as the number of projects available.



EstimateOne launches in New Zealand

EstimateOne goes multi-national. We discover the same process problems in New Zealand, and the platform is a hit across the ditch.



200th Australian head contractor client signed

EstimateOne signs its 200th client in Australia, becoming the clear market leader in the tender workflow and RFQ-issuing space.



Handover & delivery platform released

EstimateOne goes beyond estimating for the first time. Products are launched to help delivery and site teams communicate more effectively with subbies and suppliers.



60,000 subcontractors using platform

EstimateOne experiences extremely strong growth, becoming the dominant pre-construction communication platform across Australia & New Zealand.



Most popular documentation distribution platform

More builders use EstimateOne than any other platform in Australia and New Zealand establishing us as market leaders



Expansion into new international markets

EstimateOne looks to Asia Pacific, adding the Philippines to its roll call where head contractors appreciate a simpler way to manage the tender process.