Our Team

Our Team

We’re a team of passionate individuals, hell-bent on making your life easier.

We’re a mixed bunch, but we all have one thing in common - we want to make sure that the people who use our platform have a great experience with EstimateOne. And have a bit of fun at the same time.

Andrew Ritchie


Michael Ashcroft


Melanie Bull

Head of Business Development

Rami Saleh

Product Manager

Marni Strump

People and Culture Coordinator

Chris Dyer

Lead Data Engineer

Sivan Gonen

Data & Business Analyst

Tony Dymock

Product Manager

Michelle Byrnes

Financial Controller

Daniel Stirling

Business Development Manager

Sophie Hack

Account Manager

Simon Herod

Business Development Manager

Matt Eccles

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Zaiga Finnis

Head of Brand, Communications & Growth

James Law

Chief of Staff

Dan Clifton

Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Palmer

Platform Lead

Johan Moncada


Brayden Di Luca

Junior Developer

Fernando Parra

Growth Analyst

Josh Morton

Lead Developer

Will Corcho

Lead Developer

Cassandra Tam

Mid-Level Developer

Jo Huf

Customer Experience & Admin Consultant

Robbie Wilberfloss

Customer Experience & Admin Consultant

Stephen Beattie

Junior Developer

Ryan McCall

Project Manager

Adam Norgate

Operating Model Coordinator

Samuel Cattini-Schultz

Intern Web Developer

Jordan Crane

Customer Experience Lead

Lauren Burley

Lead Product Designer

Tom Campbell

Product Specialist

Vicki Stirling


Jude Wang

Web Developer

Dmitriy Logunov

Senior Developer

Dylan Hall

Senior Business Development Manager

Tham Hua

Business Analyst

Vanessa Trotta

Customer Experience & Admin Consultant

April Riley

Customer Experience Consultant

Abby Tuong

Customer Experience Consultant

Isar Mazer


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