Procurement, Connected

EstimateOne’s connecting your procurement and estimating teams on a single platform – giving everyone access to Australia’s largest network of commercial subbies.

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Better subbie procurement with a shared network

EstimateOne gives your estimating and procurement team the one address book. This will help you share insights across teams, access Australia’s largest network of subbies and help your business reward those subbies who support you during tender time.

Increase your speed of delivery

Connecting your teams means you can leverage insights from tender time to make quicker and better procurement decisions. Our scope building and contract authoring tools will also remove the need for endless word and excel docs, removing the manual processes which slow you down and increase the risk of error.

Reduce risk and identify opportunities

You will get a single view of all tendering and procurement projects, helping you quickly identify potential program delays before they become costly. We also collate your company’s best scope items and contract templates in a central library – meaning every SOW sent out is using your company’s best work – reducing the risk of contracts containing sub-par scope items.

How it works

Digital Contract Authoring

Quickly build out contracts by dragging and dropping scope items from your company’s scope library. Save time and ensure consistency.

Centralised contract and scope library

All of your companies best contract templates and scope items in one place. Make sure everyone is using your company’s best work.

Centralised Address book

Have estimating and procurement working off the same address book. Reward those who reward you in tender time and give all teams visibility of letting decisions.

Full project oversight

Get full visibility of a project from pre award through to post award. Move information out of silos and start making decisions based off the full picture.

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