Trade Template: Solar Panels Tenders

Solar Panels Tenders

More solar panel subcontractors and suppliers look to EstimateOne to find work over any other tender noticeboard.

With hundreds of active head contractors looking for subcontractors and suppliers of solar panels across Australia, it’s easy to see why.

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How EstimateOne makes solar quoting easier?

We add an average of 100 open tenders that require solar panel package quote monthly. We also work with 1,200 active builders daily to make sure with just couple of clicks, you can see all the jobs in your area, and find the right one to quote for instantly.

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Simple & easy to use

We pride ourselves on our user experience. Too much software is clunky and ugly. EstimateOne allows you to search for tenders requiring solar panels straight away.

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Built by the industry

EstimateOne was built by construction people, for construction people. We don’t want to change what you do, we just want to make it faster and better.

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Leading the way

We have had more than 70,000 projects tendered through EstimateOne, and we’ve handled over 7.6 million architectural documents since we opened shop. If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is!

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Always reliable

Software that’s slow, buggy or unavailable is frustrating. Our software uses state-of-the-art technology, and has uptime of > 99.9%

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Tried & trusted

We’ve been around a while now, and are here to stay. We’re in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and now in the UK too.

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Real support

We’re proud of our software but we’re pretty proud of our people too. Our team is always on hand when you need them. Real people, real friendly. Real good.

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