Australia’s Market Leader (by a lion’s share)

With more than 450 builders using EstimateOne to issue their tender invitations across Australia and NZ, have confidence you’re making a good call switching from BidContender.

There are four times as many builders using EstimateOne compared to BidContender.

Why builders prefer EstimateOne

Builders prefer EstimateOne because their subbies do! Plain and simple. On top of that, our customers tell us they find EstimateOne more efficient to use, which is music to our ears really..

  • No logins.
    Subbie response rates tend to improve when making the switch to EstimateOne from BidContender. This is partly because we’re more widely used by the industry – they’re familiar with using it, and partly because the subcontractor’s don’t need to create an account to receive invitations, making it simpler to use!
  • Protected IP.
    Each builder’s subcontractor database is kept private to them. This means that when you use EstimateOne, no other builders can access your private database of subcontractors – like they do on BidContender. We can do this because we don’t force subcontractors to create accounts to receive invitations from builders.
  • Anything they can do, we can do better.
    Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. At first sight, you might think EstimateOne and BidContender do the same thing but on closer inspection...
    • The Document Matrix has industry-specific shortcuts to improve your speed to market
    • Automatically generated document transmittals and audit trails mitigate risk and win back time
    • Auto-revisions simplify the addendum process every time

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