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If you’re breaking up and issuing packages, EstimateOne’s Subbie Doc Platform is gonna rock your world. 

“Estimateone makes managing tender documentation very easy. It gives you the ability to update revisions of documents throughout the tender phase, with an accurate audit trail of who has downloaded the up-to-date documents. This vital information assists us when it comes time to award contracts, and manage our projects etc.”

Appselec Pty Ltd

Tendering as a subbie has its own challenges...

The most common method of issuing packages is email and Dropbox with tracking in Excel. Whilst this is a reliable suite of products, which has no doubt served you well, none of these products were designed for the purpose of issuing tender documentation, unlike EstimateOne. Like any solution that’s not custom-built, the process can end up slowing you down..

  • No ability to see what documents your subbies have downloaded
    How do you know which set they have quoted?
  • Responses and notes are manually tracked in Excel
    Which is not only time consuming and prone to human error, but often results in multiple versions of the same data.
  • Tools like Dropbox are needed to issue packages with large files
    but end up being an additional step for your subbies – and one that can be a little confusing.
  • Lastly, you must think from time to time, there’s gotta be a quicker way!

EstimateOne was built for purpose

Unlike a lot of the tools available to estimators for document distribution, EsitmateOne was built to specifically solve the problems an estimator faces during this phase of a project..

  • Issue a tender in lightning speed.
    We’re yet to see any other product help an estimator break up their packages and issue to subcontractors faster than us.
  • One central database of subcontractors.
    Allowing your team to track engagement, contact information and performance in one place.
  • Document Transmittals and Audit Trails are
automatically generated.
    Put your mind at ease that these documents are actually being generated, and can be found in an instant.
  • No logins or account setup process required for your subcontractors.
    Improve your coverage by keeping the download process simple for your subcontractors.
  • Customise your account.
    We’ll let you set up a relevant trade list and segment your subcontractors to help you get your tenders our faster.

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