Company Profiles are coming

13 April 2022

Introducing the Subbie Profile

When it comes to quoting jobs, although the price is important it only tells one part of the story. A piece of feedback we often hear from Subbies is that they’d like a way to stand out in front of builders on something other than price. A way to show off experience and qualifications. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest Subbie feature release, launching in a matter of weeks!

Your company profile provides builders with your current business information including contact information, trades, categories of work, size and office location. Think of it as a digital business card. It’s dynamic, up-to-date, and will be included in any quotes you create on EstimateOne. 

While we’re excited about this first release, what we’re really looking forward to is what comes next. Over the next few months we’ll be adding new elements to your profile to really help you shine. 

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

Address book integration

When inviting subbies to tender on a project, builders tap into an address book they host on EstimateOne. However, until now this has been static and details can become out of date. Having a Subbie Company Profile on EstimateOne ensures builders all ways have access to the latest and greatest info of your business. 

Project history

Subbies on the Standard Plan will be able to showcase projects they are proud of and demonstrate your trade experience. Simply search completed projects in EstimateOne’s database of past tenders or upload your own using a template.

Region of operation

Operate in a regional area, cover specific regions within a state or have multiple operations all over the country? Soon you’ll be able to define what regions you operate in within your company profile. This will allow builders to search for required trades in specific locations and increase your chance of being invited to quote on the projects that suit your preference. 

Certificates and licenses 

Stop wasting time finding all of your trade licenses and certifications to send to Contract Admins at contract time. Uploading them into your Company Profile lets builders know that they are dealing with a fully qualified organisation at tender time.  

Business verification status

Subbies on the Standard Plan can apply to have their business verified by EstimateOne. This will signal to builders that you are a legitimate subcontractor operating on EstimateOne, with a profile that proves you meet a minimum standard of compliance. This creates an early sense of trust when developing a new subbie-builder relationship.

This is the first of many new features coming to the subbie platform in 2022 to help you find and win work. Keen an eye on your inbox and in-app notifications to access these new features as soon as they’re ready. 

Have ideas on what we should include in the Company Profile? Get in touch at – we’d love to hear from you!