Secure sales pipeline management for Hytek

26 April 2022

How Hytek Framing secure their sales pipeline with EstimateOne

EstimateOne delivers the jobs you’re already specified on, directly to you.

For Hytek Framing, that means no messing around trying to keep track of who’s building what, and where those projects are at. They can be confident that if they’ve been specified, they know about it. Nothing slips through the cracks and they can cover every specification with a quote, quickly and easily. 

Now they have the time – and the tool – to focus on building the relationships that mean they’ll keep getting specified, more often, on more projects.

The trajectory of Hytek Framing

Starting out in modular framing, Hytek Framing has grown to become one of the top 3 suppliers of light steel framing to the commercial building sector in Queensland. These days they’re doing more and more design and construct framing, supplying light gauge steel framing, trusses, floor systems and structural steel to commercial builders. Their bread and butter projects are big townhouses, schools and hospitals with $1-3 million in product value. 

<h2> How Hytek Framing use EstimateOne to work smarter and faster

<h3> Challenge one: Pull focus and track projects

“Watchlist updates and notifications about awarded projects alert me to every project we’re specified on. I can keep track of everything, and miss nothing.”

  • Jon Jennings, Estimation Manager

Jon doesn’t need to spend hours searching his pipeline for the most valuable projects, tracking what he’s already quoted on, or where those projects are at. EstimateOne does the grunt work for him, freeing him up to get quotes across the line.

How EstimateOne relieves the Estimator’s workload:   

  • A daily scan through new projects gives him visibility of what’s out there. 
  • Jon’s experience and gut instinct means he quickly spots projects with potential. 
  • Having all the docs at his fingertips allows him to confirm which jobs hold the most value, so he can get on with quoting them.  

Challenge two: Relationship building

“Traditionally, a problem would be finding new customers, and then getting a foot in the door with them.“

Jon is the primary estimator at Hytek Framing. With EstimateOne in his toolkit, he can now easily hunt down new work,growing his sales pipeline and helping him manage it.

“I get heaps of invites from builders I’ve never heard of, just wanting me to quote on stuff!”

EstimateOne solves the problem of relationship building. It’s the platform that brings everyone together, and gives builders and suppliers the power to easily connect with each other.

“The volume of highly engaged builders using EstimateOne is impressive. They don’t just put up projects and leave them, they are active and keep projects updated.”

EstimateOne is a place that suppliers can go when they don’t want to rely solely on the old school networking tactics. For proactive estimators like Jon, there’s a lot of value to be had when you’re in control of spreading the word about your product.

“Cold calling just isn’t how our industry works. The value for Hytek Framing is the exposure it gives us.”

EstimateOne: A game changing platform for an evolving industry

An unforeseen shock to supply chains during the recent pandemic, had a huge impact on resources for the construction sector in Australia.

  • Mid 2021 saw a timber shortage
  • Builders had to look outside of timber framing for steel options
  • Steel prices doubled in the last year

The combination of these supply chain issues meant projects needed to be redesigned away from structural steel and timber. Designers had to look for smarter solutions, which is exactly what Hytek Framing offers.  

As unpredictable and unprecedented as this sudden demand was, Hytek Framing was perfectly placed to capitalise on it at the right moment. Being active and visible on EstimateOne meant they were flooded with invites and enquiries from builders suddenly needing an alternative framing material. It happened automatically without needing any extra marketing activity.

Hytek Framing success story

Using EstimateOne, Hytek Framing won and completed the supply and installation of light gauge steel walls, trusses and structural steel for FKG for a $30-50 million D&C State School project. It was their first project with them, but they’ve maintained the relationship and now they’re starting on their second school with FKG. 

“Relationships matter in this industry, and you can’t underestimate the value of that.”

  • Jon Jennings, Estimation Manager, Hytek Framing

Key takeaways 

  • EstimateOne makes relationship building simple and accessible to you
  • The search function and ability to filter down through projects is immensely valuable for efficiency
  • You can easily keep track of projects with the watchlist updates and awarded projects emails
  • EstimateOne can filter out the noise for jobs that you’re not interested in, freeing you up to focus on what’s relevant and valuable for you.

Read our full interview with Hytek to learn their recipe for success here.

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