Triple supply chain visibility for Elton Group

26 April 2022

Elton Group triples its supply chain visibility with EstimateOne

Established in 1943 in Melbourne, Australia; Elton Group is a supplier of high-quality Interior Architectural Products. Central to each of their products and their criteria for selecting new products to join their impressive portfolio, Elton Group is committed to environmental sustainability and best practice sourcing and manufacturing methods.

They believe that because wood is one of our few renewable resources, those who work in the industry have a responsibility to ensure the protection and wise utilization of the forests.

So these precious resources are available for future generations, Elton Group maintains 800 acres of Australian natural forest in the Otway Ranges of Victoria.

5 ways Elton Group has maximised its potential with EstimateOne

Delivering Elton Group’s innovative new products to market

Business Manager, Robert Elton, came across EstimateOne when he was looking for a way to market one of their innovative products, WoodWall, directly to builders.

“WoodWall kept falling into the wrong category because it was new and innovative – this type of panelling was relatively unknown in the market and people and didn’t understand the benefits.”

Needing to speak directly to builders, Robert discovered the perfect solution in EstimateOne.  Using the platform, Elton Group has increased its visibility in the supply chain three-fold.

Real-time delivery of actionable insights

Previously, Robert only found out about jobs from architects, and would only discover if they were successful in winning a job when they received an order.

“Every time I go on EstimateOne I see a project I didn’t know we were specified on. Specifinder told us about it.” 

With EstimateOne, Robert was able to find out that he is specified on a project and then get in touch with the builder through their system.

Organised snapshot of projects

Speci-Finder gives Elton Group an organised snapshot of the projects they are supplying to. 

This means Robert can see at a glance:

·        The project name and number

·        The amount quoted

·        The current status of the quote i.e. whether it has been won, lost or is still in progress.

·        The value of the contract if the job has been won.

Robert can easily see what projects they’re specified on, or what other products are being used on a project. This can help Elton Group find new business opportunities, stay up to date with what their competitors are doing.

Discovering new opportunities and winning more work

When a buyer posts a project on EstimateOne, all suppliers who are subscribed to that category are immediately notified. This means that Robert can get his quotes in early and increase Elton Group’s chances of winning the job. 

Saving time with quote tracking

Suppliers can see which jobs they have quoted on, how many other quotes have been received, and the status of each quote, so Robert can save time on his quoting process.

Elton Group’s tips for supplier success

EstimateOne has changed the way Elton Group does business.  Robert has a couple of key recommendations for suppliers thinking of trying it out. 

1.    Track your competitors

Robert recommends suppliers use the SpecSearch and SpeciFinder tools to track both their own and their competitor’s specifications.By tracking their competitors, suppliers can learn about new products and services, pricing changes, and marketing strategies.

2.     Maximise EstimateOne’s effectiveness with a good business modelIn order for a supplier business to be successful, it needs to have a solid business plan. Robert has built his model around EstimateOne & recommends getting an estimator who knows what they are looking for to set up the tools to be utilised effectively.

 Supply chain visibility & success

Overall, using EstimateOne has resulted in greater visibility and success for Elton Group, allowing them to continue their mission of producing sustainable materials for the Australian building industry.

Read our full interview with Elton Group to learn their recipe for success here.

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