Transitioning from Dropbox with MTM Construction

20 February 2024

MTM Construction, a leading Building and Civil Engineering firm in Scotland, has improved its operations big time by moving away from outdated, paper-based methods and instead, implementing EstimateOne. 

This change in their estimating processes has generated a 75% reduction in time, cost savings, and improved industry networking. Previously bogged down by manual spreadsheets and communication methods, MTM’s adoption of EstimateOne has streamlined project management, allowing for easy document sharing, inquiries, and quotations in one centralised location.

Steven Lyons, an Estimator at MTM, highlights how tiring the previous methods were, including the laborious task of managing email groups for tender requests—a challenge that EstimateOne has effectively addressed. The platform’s introduction has not only drastically improved the tendering process but also boosted teamwork and made it easier for everyone to get the info they need, without doing the same stuff over and over.

Lyons credits EstimateOne for giving them a leg up in the competition, pointing out the benefits of having all subcontractor info in one spot and being able to get bids out faster. This smooth operation means they don’t have to hire more people, saving them money. Simon Herod, International Lead at EstimateOne, echoes that using old-school methods for estimates is a broader industry challenge and that going digital can really change the game.