Win more work, pay less tax

9 November 2021

As a subbie, we hope you’re aware of what you can and can’t write off with the tax man. 

If you’re not, we’d recommend giving the ATO’s website on deductibles a quick look over to make sure you’re claiming everything you are entitled to 

Because you’ve clicked through to this article, it should also come as no surprise that you can claim an EstimateOne subscription as a business expense. (that’s the win-win part).

And unless you’re using EstimateOne for personal reasons – which hey, if you are we won’t judge – you’ll be able to claim the entirety of your subscription’s cost. 

​​If you’re keen to upgrade your EstimateOne you can do so here.

To make sure you’re doing everything above board all we’d recommend is – 

Hang onto those receipts… all your receipts are located in your EstimateOne account for download at any time.

And really that’s it… It’s not like the software costs hundreds of thousands – so claiming it on tax is pretty straight forward. 

Win more work, pay less tax – sounds pretty good to us. 

* This should probably go without saying, but we’re not a tax accounting firm, for the most robust advice we’d recommend having a chat to a qualified accountant.