Benefits of open engagement surveys

5 October 2021

Every fortnight I’ll be highlighting areas from EstimateOne‘s Employee Handbook “The Nuts and Bolts”( This fortnight I wanted to share with you our focus on a unique element of our engagement survey.

Most companies these days run an engagement survey and EstimateOne is no different. We run a whole team engagement survey twice a year and team Health Checks every Cycle (7 weeks). Our most recent survey in June resulted in an overall engagement score of 85% which we were very proud of after a challenging year.

The unique bit is that we offer the whole team the opportunity to put their name to their scores and comments (and over the past 3 surveys 96% have). The reason we offer (and encourage) openness, is that it gives us vital information that allows leaders and the P&C team to have important conversations with anyone who isn’t as engaged as they’d like to be at work. This allows targeted solutions to be created and a far more supportive and ‘Forthright and Frank’ (one of our values) culture to be created.