The perfect supplier tool for Viridian

26 April 2022

The Perfect Supplier Tool For Viridian: The Most Specified Glass Brand In The Industry

As a market leading supplier, and the most specified glass brand in the industry, keeping on top of active projects is imperative. EstimateOne gives Viridian the ability to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, so they can cover every specified product with a quote, every time.

Viridian knows what their sweet spot projects are. EstimateOne shows them where they are.

“EstimateOne enables us to act at the right time so that we’re part of the discussion to provide the right solution, rather than trying to act at the wrong time.”

Marketing and Industry Manager, Anthony Gunther, has been in building construction for 30 years. These days, he starts every morning with EstimateOne.

  • The daily Specifinder email is a shopping list of projects he can act on right now
  • Filtering the noticeboard by keywords reveals relevant and active projects
  • Spec search allows him to benchmark Viridian against the competition 
  • Data mining projects delivers high-level, strategic insights

5 ways Viridian use EstimateOne to superpower their business:

  1. Visibility

As a supplier, it’s critical that you know where your products are being specified so you can be proactive at the tender stage.

Prior to using EstimateOne, tracking down projects that Viridian had been specified on then keeping track of those projects, was convoluted, fragmented and at times impossible.

“We use it as a tool to make sure that we know where our products are being specified, so we can cover those products with quotes. Because if you don’t quote you can’t win.”

  1. Proactive Problem Solving

Viridian sells a technical product that solves problems for the building industry. But like every business, they are not immune to human error and issues that happen outside of their control. 

“I can look at the specification, I can look at the Section J Report, and I can look at the plans. If there’s a technical issue with the product, we can address it at the tender stage, rather than the supply stage.” 

This is exactly how Anthony spotted a red flag on a hospital project Viridian was specified on. There was a question mark around their product on one out of the three buildings on the project. Viewing the project in EstimateOne, he could immediately spot the issue and was able to pick up the phone, ring the architect and clarify the requirements for the project, way before it became a problem.

  1. Streamline Your Sales Team

EstimateOne helps your sales team map relationships between builders, customers and projects by having all the data right there in front of them.

Before EstimateOne, Viridian would often find out about projects they were specified on after they had been awarded. Now, they can keep their competitive edge and set their prices at the tender stage, helping them win more work.

“It’s like an alarm clock that goes off every day and says; “hey, did you know you had ‘X’ projects out there? And here are the products in them.”

  1. Benchmark Your Competition

EstimateOne’s directory gives you access to over 6,000 architects and consultant profiles. You can see all the jobs they’re working on and see if they’re specifying you, or specifying your competition.

Viridian keeps track of how often they are being specified in certain markets, compared to their competitors’ equivalent products. They know when they’re being specified two, or three, or four times more often than their lead competitor. 

  1. Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Viridian can gather data around the markets and customer sets they are being specified in. They can track trends, find gaps, and look for opportunities to align their marketing activities around priority segments. 

Get Set For Success

Three ways suppliers can leverage EstimateOne today

  1. Start by narrowing down your search in Specifinder to focus on key products
  2. Set activities around those projects for your sales team to action
  3. Work backwards from keyword searches to find more value for your business. Identity which markets your products get specified in, then align your sales and marketing activities around those specific pockets of the market.

Read our full interview with Viridian on their recipe to success here.

If Viridian’s success story is what you want, create an account & start your EstimateOne journey today. Or if you’re still not convinced, watch what other suppliers say about us.