Build a winning Company Profile on EstimateOne

1 February 2023

When it comes down to it, standing out in a crowded marketplace is the best way to give you the edge over your competitors. 

Your Company Profile on EstimateOne is the first thing builders see when viewing your business. A well thought-out and impressive Company profile puts your business’s best foot forward. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your capabilities, experience, and trade directly to builders on the platform.

With EstimateOne, you can create a company profile tailored to showcase your trade and experience, so potential clients see exactly what you offer. Whether you are a carpenter, painter or any other highly skilled trade professional, putting together an impressive profile will help build trust and spark interest from builders.

Create an eye-catching and persuasive profile in just a few simple steps

So, how do you get started? Here are some tips for setting up your Company Profile on EstimateOne.

Represent your brand  – You need more than high-vis to stand out from the rest

A strong brand identity is key to making a positive first impression.

> Include your company logo. This not only showcases your professionalism, but the visual branding will help builders remember who you are.

> Write an engaging About Us section. Here you can explain more about your business story, who’s behind it and what makes you unique. You can also use this section to tell them more about specific services that set you apart from competitors or any special technology or equipment that could be beneficial for their project needs.  Being able to demonstrate professional qualifications or any awards won can also immensely improve your chances of securing projects – so this should absolutely be included in your profile.

Get technical – so builders know you’re qualified for the job

Technical information adds another layer of assurance for prospective customers that they are contacting a competent and reliable business partner.

> Highlight the relevant trades you work across, as well as any categories that you may specialise in. 

> Add your ABN so builders know you are a legitimate business.

> Setup your contract size parameters and workforce size. This helps builders know the scale of projects you are capable of working across.

> List your office locations so builders know you’re local.

 Accuracy starts with detail – Keep yours up-to date

Once set up, it’s important to keep your profile active and updated regularly. This can capture attention from new leads and remaining top-of-mind with existing ones when it comes time for them needing a Subbie again in the future.

Having accurate details can also open up more opportunities for work as builders will feel more confident if they are able to quickly gain an understanding of who they are potentially working with.

Don’t let your talents go unnoticed. Get in front of builders whenever an opportunity arises

Don’t wait to bid on jobs. With an advanced profile you can be found by builders and list previous projects you’ve worked on.

Showcase your project history to build trust for future projects

A Project History allows you to establish credibility and trust with builders. Think of it as a brag sheet to demonstrate to builders your experience and why you’re the best fit for the job. 

Your Project History gives builders a comprehensive overview of your project history, including: 

> Project Name
> Category
> State
> Contract Value
> Builder Name
> Project Description

You can also include a description of the work where you can include additional information on your project achievements. This helps builders assess the relevance and suitability of your company during pre-qualification and better understand your capability

You have a maximum of 20 projects to include, so make sure add the most recent and relevant projects here. If you have worked with large national companies before, it would be beneficial to prioritise these so you can give big clients confidence that you you can complete their project successfully and efficiently.

Adding a project history is simple. Simply search completed projects in EstimateOne’s database of past tenders you have worked on.

EstimateOne Subbie Directory lets builders come to you

By listing your business in our Subbie Directory, builders can quickly and easily identify projects that are best matched to your trade and experience. 

Builders in tender and awarded stages of a project will use the directory to search and view your Company Profile information.

> Receive invitations directly from builders searching for your trade.

> Build and maintain new builder relationships for ongoing work opportunities.

(Just a heads up, this is only available to customers in NSW and VIC and we will soon be rolling this out nationwide!)

With these tips, creating a winning Company Profile on EstimateOne should be quick and easy. Claim your Company Profile today.

And if there’s ever anything confusing or if they need help along the way–don’t worry! Our team at EstimateOne can help guide you through the process. Call us on 1300 705 035 today or email us at